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7 Steps to follow when your world seems flooded by the world…

Word of encouragement: None of these ideas drain anymore of your energy or time than the thoughts/feelings of fear which you have anyways :)

· Simply realize you have fear. By noticing and mentally acknowledging your mind/body reality of fear or any destructive emotion, you will experience, almost immediately, a decrease in the negative charge attached to the feeling.

· Now that you realized your fear, notice where in your body you feel that sensation. When you notice where in your body you feel it, then…

· Feel the feeling; the type of sensation you are feeling. Or, identify the type of sensation you are experiencing at that location in your body. A common list of sensations are heaviness, cold, hot, vacuum, burning up, a hole, constricting, squeezing, twisting and a mix of the above.

· Place your hand gently on the location of the sensation. No need for meditation or mindfulness. The most important thing is to keep these steps simple and natural.

· Direct your breath to where your hand is placed. No need to be concerned if your place of pain is not in or near your diaphragm. Your entire body understands the language of intentional breath.

· Gently rub counterclockwise on that location with your hand as you continue to breathe into it. Do this for 2 minutes.

For the final step: Try some curiosity! Behind every damaging thought of fear lies a seed of an equivalent energy to benefit yourself and others. That thing which a person fears, has latent information for what he can be courageous and creative for! Once you do this last stop and let your mind wander, you will begin to notice resources of information you never knew existed.

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