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Do I REALLY need to spend money on therapy now?

So there you are, finding yourself in the middle of any random day, getting nervous about anything in particular… and then getting anxious about your nervousness. You then find yourself thinking, “in times like these, who wouldn’t, right?” Do I really need therapy?

Well, go through this checklist and I am hoping the answer will become self-evident.

IS the subject of your worry impelling you to action or does it simply sit in your already overcrowded head?

Is the subject of your worry a repetitive one, constantly resurfacing itself in a similar way, without any new or useful material surfacing?

Do you find yourself with less energy than usual?

Are you more irritable than usual?

Do you smile less or do others around you smile less?

Are your thoughts about the future gloomier than they were?

Do you have less “joy de vivre” throughout the day?

Are there images of a negative and doomsday nature filling in your spare time and headspace without tolerating any feelings of trust or positivity?

Does your mind stay stuck on one thought?

Are you looking more and more into digital or media means to distract you from that cloudy and crowded sensation in your head?

Are you less present and interested in your loved one’s successes, wins or small achievements?

Are you rapidly gaining or losing weight?

Are the goals that you have crafted for yourself, family or business beginning to fall behind or being ignored?

Are you turning to food, alcohol, shopping more than you would like to?

If the answer to a good deal of these questions are “yes” then you may benefit from therapy.

I know what you’re thinking….

Okay, I know where this is going. I’m going to start therapy, pay this guy money that I really was not planning on spending, feel a little better for a little while and then eventually end right back at square one.. Been there done that.

As they say in slag… I feel you. Being in your position (and yes, I have), I would also wondr where this is going and how much of my hard-earned and hard-saved money will I end up spending on this venture?

Who says it will work anyways? How will I know when I am finished? Aren’t there so many stories I have heard about therapist’s simply saying all these silly catch phrase questions such as “How does that make you feel?” “What was the worst part?” “Were you abused when you were a child etc etc.” I mean, anyone can ask those questions, why am I paying some guy in an office all this money when…

Get ready for a surprise

I have news for you. Things have changed. There are researched therapies out there that simply work to lower stress and anxiety with a relatively reliable timeline and guarantee for success. The days of walking into a therapist’s office to be conned into talking more and more about your feelings and experiences with no end in sight to your time and your wallet freefall have ended!

I know, it sounds too good to be true, and like Brad Pitt extrapolated so eloquently in the classic masterpiece of fine art and exquisite literature ‘The Inglorious Basterds,’ “Now I’ve learned growin y’all up in dem back country Tennessee that if some hobo says sometin which sounds too darn good to be true, then it aint.” So you wonder, okay, what is the catch?

Have you ever gone on a hike? Have you ever gone on the same hike twice? Was the second time different than the first? I bet that one of those times, you took a long roundabout route and the other time, you took a more arduous route which was painful but to the point and quicker. Perhaps the latter approach got your heart rate going quicker and released more endorphins and got you into the swing of things more than the other way.

Well, that’s what is out there and that’s what I like to do. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is one of those options. The catch is simply, it’s like therapy on steroids. Cover more ground, more intensely, more profoundly and best of all permanently. Yes, you heard me right. If I didn’t see it working all the time, I would say it with such bravado. But then again, if it is true, I guess it aint bravado!

The point being

If your day-to–day life quality and functioning is affected by your thoughts or life stressors then you can benefit from therapy. No need to fear a bottomless pit of unclear goals, time or cost as you perhaps may have experienced. There are therapies out there that work quickly, effectively and permanently.

In conclusion

So, after all that, do you need to spend money on therapy? Well, it may not be so much money after all…. Give me a call if you are interested.

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