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I'm a hippopotamus

Part III of The Therapy and Humor Series

“We put the silly into counsillyng.”

So the other day, I was discussing with one of my kids how I consider myself like Abe Lincoln in some ways. My 9 year old son told me, “Daddy, you can never be like Abraham Lincoln for two reasons. The First reason you can’t be like Abe is because Abe had a beard, and the second reason…well it would make you feel bad.”

I choose to leave the meaning of that up to your imagination.

Yes, our whole day can be set off, and often is, by one off color comment. Daily jabs are unavoidable. Perhaps there is a way to deal with it right way, and preserve the precious energy you would have used to recover from the insult so that you can continue to…well…enjoy your ice cream as much as you were moments before!

This particular approach based on specialized EMDR, can be taught in a manner of minutes and it can add truckloads of quality to your day. I will be presenting this documented technique in a group forum, alongside other powerful methods I have used with many clients over the years and have since been shared with hundreds of people.

The main focus of the group will be how to stop panic and anxiety attacks quickly and effectively, in the moment of the attack, without getting in the way of your daily activities. In other words, use easily implementable and fast acting calming methods in real time, without engaging in laborious breathing exercises or yoga protocols.

You will also pick up valuable and effective techniques and real time strategies for grief reduction, addressing panic attacks, anger management and decision clarity along the way.

The groups will be starting on October 13th and will be continuing every Tuesday until the 1st of December.

This group is recommended for anyone who can really use a simple and straightforward, self-applied approach to lower any form of stress and anxiety…and wouldn’t mind to have a good laugh along the way.

Now if you liked that anecdote, you’re gonna love this!

The other day I was audibly singing to myself the jingle of the famous artist, Abie Rotenberg, in the presence of my 7 year old boy. The lyrics of the song go something like this:

“I’m a hippopotamus, from my top to my bottomus

and I know I’m very lazy and slow

Though I may not be as smart as you, There is something you should know is true- All the hippopotami have hippopota-feelings too...

I’m a hippopotamus, From my top to my bottomus, And I know I’m pretty ugly and fat…”

After the foregoing sentence, my son interjects, “But Daddy, (innocently enough), only one of them is true!”


For more information, contact me at (513) 666-8436 or

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