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Snow much fun! 2 ways to enjoy the snow and nature…just a little more

1) When you are waiting for the traffic light or for the microwave to finish up, don’t look at your cellphone. DO look outside your window. If you’re not next to a window, wonder how it may look outside as the snow may be accumulating (or changing to rain if you live in Cincinnati, OH). Don’t let these precious moments of momentary impulse-media-mind control, take away every particle of life the day brings to your doorstep (or window, in our case).

2) Did you know that the snow absorbs noise? There’s a beautiful and serene quiet which blankets your snowy neighborhood. While you are outdoors, walk just a tad slower. Allow the sensations and the natural beauty to do their work on you, effortlessly. If you try too, it will happen to you…🎶

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