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You've been struggling for some time with powerful nagging thoughts and doubts that affect you. Do you wonder:
Why am I so tense all the time?   
Is there something wrong with me?  
What if I can't handle it anymore?
What if I made a really bad decision and I can't take it back?
You begin to feel miserable. You want a life free of fear and anxiety.
You need to enjoy what you've worked so hard to build.
You need it now!
As time goes on, these thoughts drain more of your energy, more of your life. Your relationships aren't as enjoyable as they once were. If you don't do something, life may get worse. But if you reach out, it may improve. Today. 
It's hard to live with these thoughts and wonder if you'll ever get better. I've dedicated my life to help people overcome their thoughts and fears to get back the life they once dreamed of having. I can help you get relief and clarity. You will soon begin to reap the benefits of what you worked so hard to build.
It's hard to reach out and that's why I've made it as simple as possible to start this process. Feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns you have in this process.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Melech Mann 

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As a young counselor working with disadvantaged children, I saw firsthand what trauma can do. I really wanted to help them.

Starting my journey with the typical idealism of an aspiring therapist, I picked up a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Wurzweiller school of Social Work, garnered two social work licenses in two continents, and worked for multiple public and private agencies in two countries. I wasn't fulfilled. 
After almost 10 years working in the field, I was in a real dilemma.
I had not come across any therapy modality that actually healed trauma, chronic anxiety or powerful stress! All I learned were ways to cope with it. 

By then, I already had a large family, many responsibilities and no time to go to school and learn another trade.
I was considering dropping the whole field of mental health and pursuing something else which my heart wasn’t into.
I was anxious and stressed…and here I am, supposed to be the therapist…..

Well, I can certainly say I learned a thing or two about what frustrated and hard-working people are experiencing when they’ve given it their all and are not where they want to be! As if on cue, a friend of mine introduced me to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I was immediately skyrocketed to a whole new dimension of therapy disciplines that actually, well… WORK!!!
My hobbies are exercising, reading, playing with my children and learning about Abe Lincoln, as well as publicly impersonating his character (much to the dismay of my wife and children :).
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Contact us

For therapy appointments, please contact Melech Mann, LISW EMDR at or (513) 666-8436.

To set up a free consultation, please use the following link

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