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Increase your bottom line through personal healing



W.S. June 2018

"I absolutely adore working with Mel, as he is probably one of the best therapist I have had. I wish I could have more counseling time with him, but I am unsure if he has the time to do so. He's truly talented."

W.F. Dec. 2018

"Dr. Mann is very down-to-earth, seems to enjoy explaining the science behind the issues and treatments, and is never pushy or judgemental. He’s a real person; I find myself feeling free to express and make connections in myself and my experiences. I always feel lighter after a session. I really wish I’d done this sooner, and I think everyone could benefit to some degree, from this kind of support."

O.F. Jan 2019

"I only did two sessions and he already helped me a lot!"

You know that gut sensation that something about your financial life isn’t right?

Or that feeling of never earning what your true value is?  

You may feel like things are perpetually stuck with no end in sight, and find yourself thinking things like:​

“I’ve tried so hard for so long and I don’t see much to show for it.”“Why do I always shortchange myself?”

“I went to school and have years of experience, why can't I make more?”

“Why do other people with less training or experience often seem to do better than me?”


Your career confidence has taken too many hits and your earning confidence has paid the price. You deserve to reap the fruit of hard toiled labor free from time constraints, limitations or anxiety. 

I can help you do just that.


What is Financial Breakthrough Therapy

From Financial Frustration to
Financial Freedom

This is a model of psychotherapy designed to remove your internal mental blocks, standing in the way of your financial success. Drawing upon eye movement and energetics alongside classical psychotherapy techniques, you will experience a financial breakthrough in as little as 5 sessions.

G.R. May 7 2020

Melech is THE therapist. He helped me identify my problems with his tremendous natural understanding of the mind, and he employed highly effective strategies to help me process them. I’m a much better, happier man and more productive professionally because of our time together. He’s the Mann!

M.A. April 8, 2020

Working with Melech Mann was a real pleasure! He always listened intently, and had great techniques to help me with anxiety and my relationship with my son. He helped open my eyes to new ideas, and gave me a whole new perspective. I would recommend Melech to anyone! Thank you!

K.A.·Sep 10, 2019

Mr. Mann listens to me attentively as I describe my interpersonal difficulties. He put himself in my shoes and that makes it easier for me to express my feelings and emotions confidently.

About Melech Mann 


As a young counselor working with disadvantaged children, I saw firsthand what trauma can do. I really wanted to help them.

Starting my journey with the typical idealism of an aspiring therapist, I picked up a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Wurzweiller school of Social Work, garnered two social work licenses in two continents, and worked for multiple public and private agencies in two countries. I wasn't fulfilled. 
After almost 10 years working in the field, I was in a real dilemma.
I had not come across any therapy modality that actually healed trauma, chronic anxiety or powerful stress! All I learned were ways to cope with it. 

By then, I already had a large family, many responsibilities and no time to go to school and learn another trade.
I was considering dropping the whole field of mental health and pursuing something else which my heart wasn’t into.
I was anxious and stressed…and here I am, supposed to be the therapist…..

Well, I can certainly say I learned a thing or two about what frustrated and hard-working people are experiencing when they’ve given it their all and are not where they want to be! As if on cue, a friend of mine introduced me to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I was immediately skyrocketed to a whole new dimension of therapy disciplines that actually, well… WORK!!!
My hobbies are exercising, reading, playing with my children and learning about Abe Lincoln, as well as publicly impersonating his character (much to the dismay of my wife and children :).

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