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Shrink Financial Anxiety

It is a fact that what you physically fear tends to become a reality.
Yet, for 75% of American adults their first conscious morning thoughts are money worries!
How can we stop this financial self suicide? 
Here's a way to powerful relief which builds up over time, so you can stop worrying yourself into debt. Literally.. 


  1. Gently park yourself into a comfortable location. 

  2. Notice the mental worry and purposely focus on it. Do not attempt to question its veracity, reality, logical likelihood etc. Simply “breathe into the worry,” until the worry thought turns into a stronger sensation/ emotion and it's felt throughout your body. 

  3. Rate the worrying discomfort on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is the least stress inducing and 10 is the most.

  4. Continue to allow worry to spread throughout your body and mind. This may include emotions, sensations, feelings and eventually, judgmental thoughts. Notice them and place your hand on your body where you feel the thoughts or emotions most intensely.

  5. Simply rest your hand there and continue breathing into the location where you feel the most pain.

  6. As the pain spreads from one point in your body to multiple locations, follow it with your hand and conscious breath.

  7. Every now and then, visualize your worries, emotions and fears going up. Up, up and away to the Soul of the Universe.

  8. Go back to the original thought/scene of worry.

  9. Rate the discomfort of that thought as you currently feel it, on the above scale.

  10. Notice where in your body the sensations/ feeling and thoughts currently are.

  11. Continue with step 4 and repeat the process until the worry vanishes or is at near 0.

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