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Turn Worry Into Money

Watch your negative financial thoughts turn into practical gain
Though you may not be Tony Robbins' most diehard fan, you must have come across the principle of the power of positive thought. Who could argue that! 

The challenge remains though, how to process the negative and naysayer thoughts which linger and even grow inside of you, despite your best efforts to 
the contrary. 
When money making resistance thoughts and feelings find a host in your brain and body, most likely you have some form of financial trauma. In order to really allow your positive thoughts to turn into an unmitigated reality, processing financial trauma is a must. 
Below, I have provided a brief activity to show you what it feels like. Most importantly, if you do this, I don’t think the real world results will disappoint you.


If the following exercise begins to upset you, please discontinue the activity and refer to a competent mental health provider.


  1. Visualize the scene of your next career or financial success, taking place no later than 2 weeks from now.
  2. Stare and indulge at the envisioned picture until you notice internal self- doubting questions emerge such as, "How will I be able to do that? How will I obtain the funds, time, support, details etc..." Notice the anxious feelings and fear of failure begin to surface when entertaining that desired reality.
  3. Notice those questions and disengage for a moment, by breathing while you stare at the words of the questions and doubts, as if the questions are suspended in mid-air. Breathe normally as you go about this.
  4. Ask yourself, what personal judgement, criticism, personality or character flaw (s) does that question presuppose. Most likely it will be something to the affect of “I’m a failure, unworthy of success, stupid, sinful, evil, defective, undeserving of love, attention, money etc.”
  5. Notice which judgemental clause strings the most.
  6. Allow the accompanying mental chatter such as previous traumatic/medical or social history linger together with the stinging judgement, without debating its relevance, accuracy or cause-effect nature.
  7. Allow the stinging or other form of negative sensation to exist in your body, breathe into it and notice the insult as well.
  8. Rate the “sting” of the insult on a 0 to 10 scale, 0 being the least disturbing and 10 being  the most disturbing.
  9. Look at the wall in front of you and imagine there’s a large clock. Pick a point to represent 9:00 and a point to represent 3:00.
  10. Notice the sensations in your body as well as the stinging insult and as you notice that, gently start moving your eyes from 9:00 to 3:00 and then back. Make sure to breathe as you do it.
  11. Tap your hands on your knees if this helps you stay in the moment.
  12. After several rotations, take 2 deep breaths.
  13. Notice again what the sensation and insult currently feel like and where you presently feel it in your body.
  14. Rate the level of pain.
  15. Continue several more rotations. Take 2 deep breaths. Notice where you feel it in your body.
  16. Go back to the desired goal for next week. Notice if there are any changes to its intensity, scenery etc.
  17. Go back and repeat from step #3, until the level of disturbance is lower than 3.
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