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Financial Breakthrough Therapy 

From financially frustrated to financially free

Financial Breakthrough Therapy

You know that gut sensation that something about your financial life isn’t right?

Or that feeling of never earning what your true value is?  

Feelings that block you from confidently directing your future.

You may feel like things are perpetually stuck with no end in sight, and find yourself thinking things like:

  • “I’ve tried so hard for so long and I don’t see much to show for it.”

  • “Why do I always shortchange myself?”

  • “I went to school and have years of experience, why can't I make more?”

  • “Why do other people with less training or experience often seem to do better than me?” 


Your career confidence has taken too many hits and your financial esteem has paid the price. You deserve to reap the fruit of hard toiled labor free from constraints, limitations or anxiety. 

I can help you do just that.


I help people build their earning capacity by breaking through their financial trauma"

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What is Financial Trauma?

Financial Trauma happens when something happens to you that prevents you from living the financial and career life you really want to live and the security you need to feel.


Financial Trauma can happen when something prevents you from feeling the security you need to feel in order to access the life you want to live. Financial trauma holds you back from realizing your true potential. Resolving financial trauma allows you to reclaim your right to make choices for yourself and your future.

What can I expect from FBT?

Together, we identify what your real financial and career aspirations are. We find out what has been getting in the way of those dreams becoming a reality. Finally, we process any underlying blocks; restoring the vigor and inspiration you once had.


I combine evidence based techniques which have been used for millions of people across the world to break through personal trauma and other emotional barriers. Some of the models used to form the FFT protocol include narrative therapy, EMDR therapy, energy based healing and cognitive behavior therapy. 

In a nutshell, we use what works.

You can begin to envision a life where you set your price, you set your worth and you live the career you once dreamed about.


My focus is on helping you meet your earning capacity by removing those  stubborn blocks, to break through your financial barriers.

This is Financial Breakthrough Therapy. 



Find reward in your career.
Fully enjoy your family relationships. 
Find personal satisfaction from your job or business"

Is your bottom line performance worth the investment?

Of course it is! 

Let's get started now.

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