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Financial Breakthrough Therapy Cohort

In a  virtual group setting, you will receive 10 modules of pre-recorded sessions, each one divided into 3 parts. You will also have access to a live weekly cohort with Melech Mann, making sure you are on track with the intended progress.

Is my financial funk and frustration normal?

Signs of Financial Frustration

  • Trouble sleeping because of non stop worse case scenario financial fears

  • Feeling lethargic and no motivation to work.

  • Low energy

  • Rapid weight gain or loss

  • Quick sprees of money spending or holding back from needs or wants.

  • Constant thoughts about "throwing in the financial towel."

  • Feeling economically hopless

  • Continuous negative poverty related thoughts, feelings or moods

  • Fatalistic attitude of the future.

I Will Help You With

  • An understanding and compassionate attitude to money related painful thoughts and feelings 

  • A customized plan to address the causes of your financial depression, in a cohort 

  • A researched, effective and powerful set of methods with which to heal and let go of your pain and increase financial stability

  • Accountability and realistic objectives to know if and how much this is helping you

  • More pleasant thoughts, feelings and moods to come naturally as you go through this process

  • Increased optimism about your financial future

  • Improved energy levels and more time in your day to execute your objectives

  • Greater pleasure and satisfaction from those things you once really enjoyed and less guilt with spending money on them.

  • The joy of having a depress-less plan for any future financial endeavors

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