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2 pathetically easy ways to stop stress

I bet you’re busy. I bet you are wondering if it is really worth your investment of time to be reading this blog. Guess what? I don’t blame you. You have a lot to do and you’re pressured to do it now. You have deadlines and you are driven to succeed. Your name is Frenzied Fred or Pressured Pam.

 I have been in your seat (yes, literally) and I found that the following fixes work, because, well they just do! You don’t have time to care for why they do and the research! Try it and be pleasantly surprised to see how easy and simple this is. Best of all, there is no need to stop doing whatever you’re’ doing, even for a moment.

Frenzied Fred and Pressured Pam are stressed and need quick fixes, feel it strong and hard and don't have time or energy to deep breathe right now!  they have a life. A good one. They’re young. They’re talented and ambitious. They’re good at what they do. They’ve made some good decisions and some they’re not sure of. Just like the rest of us. There’s nothing wrong with them, there's nothing wrong with you.

 Okay, the idealism is ebbing, the cynicism is growing, relationship with Pam or Fred is not as good as it was.. Turnover and layoffs at work are through the roof, but I am still okay, I think.

Recently though, it feels as if something is beginning to eat me. It was just a thought at first, but it seems to have back up. The job insecurity, the relationship fears, the subtle but steady insult to my pride, the impact on my health which is beginning to show in ever so subtle ways, and not just the waistline. AND I CAN'T JUST STOP MY DAY AND DO SOME BREATHING EXERCISE!

Fair enough. So what do you recommend? Therapy? Again! I don’t have time and I’ve tried that before. It kinda helped for a while but not in the long run and it cost a whole lot of money.And if I continue being busy with my career and family then maybe I’ll  forget about it! Right?

I wish it were so easy. But my body keeps score and if I am not releasing the stress my body needs to release, it lets me know, as it has been doing recently. So I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, what can I really expect from therapy, on the other hand, I can’t let my body and mind continue to suffer like this.

Get ready for something out of the box........

Drum roll please........

Frenzied Fred and Pressured Pam are stressed and need quick fixes, feel it strong and hard and don't have time or energy to deep breathe right now! When Fred or Pam feel panic or anxiety and they would rather not waste their energy right now, simply do the following. #1)Put your pointy finger  on your thumb gently, of both hands or even one hand and relax your hand or hands as you do it. Breathe normally. No need to take a break or cease whatever activity you may be doing.

Put your pointer finger on your thumb, gently, each hand so that it looks like you’re making the “A-Okay,” sign and face your hands downward- (just relax your hand hands as you do it) “Wait, so that’s it?" Yyyuppp! "That’s all I need to do?" YYYYYupp! Takes about half a minute to a minute to work (if not less) and just breathe normally!

 2) Frenzied Fred and Pressured Pam are insulted and offended and need quick help or relief WITHOUT changing routine! When Fred or Pam FEEL insulted, and its not in their best interests to express it, simply... Put your middle finger gently on your thumb and relax your hand or hands as you do it (see the above illustration).


Do I have to believe in any form of spirituality? No

Do I have to breathe in any funny way? No

Do I have to say any mantra's? No

Do I need the pose on the above picture? No

Do I have to stop doing what you're in the middle of doing? No

Do I need to pay you for this? No

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