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4 outrageous ways to keep yourself smiling and laughing this month!

Warning: These ideas are strictly unconventional. Proceed with caution!

1. Consciously practice puns for five minutes a day during any conversation. Yes, tis true, the New York Times is known for labeling puns as the lowest form of humor. No one really cares and it gets people laughing quickly!

2. Get on the treadmill or elliptical and do half an hour of exercise while watching a horror movie (action movie for the faint of heart). At the end of it, see how many more calories you burnt in comparison to exercising without that. When you see the difference you will belch a great big laugh!

3. Imitate the facial expressions of your favorite funny actor, with friends or acquaintances and even by yourself. Say it aloud or express it aloud until you start smiling involuntarily …finally

4. Place a pen inside your mouth, horizontally. Yes, you heard me right! Just do it! You’ll start smiling and then you may just start laughing too! Just do it.

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