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4 ways you’ve never heard of to stay sane this holiday season

Warning: These work because they do. If you feel you need to know why they work, this blog may just confound you…

#1) The Rocky Trick

Bounce a small ball up to your head level and down to the floor, at least 4x or 5x

He may not look the part but Sylvester Stallone is a genius! In Rocky I, you can see Rocky bouncing a ball up and down, several times in a row. This is a neurocognitive approach to affecting a sense of security in your nervous system, as it actually simulates the shape of a tree or tall bush which has been wired into our systems to engender calm and security. So while you are surrounded by that clutter and noise, bounce a little ball or yo-yo as you go about your chores and niceties. If curious onlookers gaze on you with wonder, tell them you’re exercising your wrist. Are you not?

#2) Men: Feed a plant or animal. Women: Play with/spend time with a child

Face it, we’re wired differently. This releases the type of neuro active chemicals we so desperately need to show our relatives the better angels of our nature. As far as winter plants go, succulents are on sale in your local Kroger’s (No, I was not paid to say that!!!).

#3) Create Order from Disorder

Yes, this goes for men as well. One of the “keystone habits” of generating positive habitual change is …you guess it, making your bed! A keystone habit is a small shift, consistently implemented in an individual’s routine, which has positive (or negative affects) far beyond they activity performed. The subliminal effect of creating an actual physical space of calm and predictability in the midst of all the holiday hullabaloo, cannot be overstated.

#4) Never forget the holy rubber band

This ancient method has worked wonders for millions of people throughout history. Simply place it on the palm of your non dominant head, when you feel the trigger of panic or anxiety. After an hour or so, the effect may wear off (pun intended). Remove it for a bit, then you can put it back. No need to snap it! Keep it simple, and just do it!

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