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Four Scour and happily ever after!

Pick up 4 unconventional ways to steer clear of the seasonal blues and enjoy a hearty laugh!

We all have heard of seasonal depression. We are all aware of individuals who suffer from gloomy feelings or sensations of doom throughout the winter. Perhaps sharing with them the following tips will lighten the load of their heavy wintry experience and make things, well, a little fluffier…

#1: Go outside and do an activity (any) everyday,

As ‘Nike’ once so eloquently said, “JUST DO IT” even if it’s cold or damp (or both). Especially if you don’t feel like it. I have found that doing something which does not feel good but is in line with what you want is incredibly empowering. More importantly, you reap the positive dividends of the powerful trait of self-discipline. You are likely to enjoy the ‘pick-up’ from this activity for at least half the day.

#2: Extend your chapped hand inside a glove

Think of someone who is gloomier than you and give em’ a ring or send an email to them. At the very least, send your telepathic love to that individual. It will make you feel fuzzy and warm on the inside. In addition, the research is quite clear on how reaching out to others in need increases your own health, even if your intentions aren’t as white as snow. If you can’t think of someone more despondent than yourself, give me a ring, there’s some people I know…

#3: Challenge yourself! Physically!

Did you ever want to have biceps measuring 11 inches diameter? What about a six pack? How about reconfiguring your belly architecture? For every conceivable body sculpting idea, there are a plethora of you tube videos showing you how to do them! So dream on! As you lay on your bed counting the white flakes, I mean sheep, allow a pristine vision of how you would like to see your own body. No pick a specific part of that figure. Make a plan right away before your idea freezes over. (FYI, counting sheep is no longer politically correct ):

#4: Grow a schedule/routine!

You heard that right! No, don’t run away from this concept! First of all, its slippery out there and you may fall. Second of all, schedules are supposed to free you to get to where you want to go and relieve you from the constant onslaught of distractions from within and without. So start small, such as a gratitude journal, every day for 50 days. The freedom and empowerment of this scheduling habit will grow on you, inch by fluffy inch.

P.S. If you didn’t like my puns, please don’t give me the cold shoulder.

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