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Okay, here we go again, I am sick and tired of all this bad news and the stress I get from it. The world is falling apart, my world is falling apart. More pandemic casualties, more violence on the streets, more unemployment, more fear, less predictability, stability etc. My plan? Distract myself with the most up to date bad news.

Does this describe you? Don’t worry, I am like that as well. So is almost everyone else. Bad news does afford a momentary release of focus on our own problems (this is of course assuming that the problems in the news are a step removed from our own problems, otherwise you would not have to look at the news..). What if there could be good news during this pandemic? No, I am not looking for the silver lining or the positive mental attitude rather for the good stuff which is happening anyways but we simply did not notice it yet because we are so full of the bad news!

What is in it for you? Immediate gratification-no more delayed than bad news! It is free, it is fun to build upon and guaranteed this will make yourself and others smile! Most important of all, these simple moves will accumulate over time and generate a real tangible difference as you will effortlessly, begin to notice more the small bits of beauty we forget and engender more critical space in our heads.

How about a change of pace?

If the definition of “news” is “recent events that are attention grabbing,” why not create the type of news which will give you more energy, joy and life satisfaction! After all, isn’t the definition of what is considered “newsworthy”, the most subjective thing possible?

Below is a growing list. There will be no more bland and cheesy advise on how to survive or thrive during this most awkward of challenges. What I will do though is let you know of a couple of positive things that have at least given me some fuel..

1. The air is cleaner

2. Less DWI accidents

3. More time with myself (that’s a good thing J)

4. More time with family (they enjoy that too J)

5. More time for lawn care (The deer hate that one)

6. More time to envision my future (my competitors hate that one)

7. Less time on driving

8. Less time with people other than my family or of other interest (I don't know about you but I really like that)

9. Less fighting with neighbors (they are too worried about their lives to care about the millimeter of property that I breathed into)

10. Less car accidents

11. More sleep

12. More reading

13. More wisdom

14. More thinking

15. More time to lose weight (or gain but these days, everybody is doing one or the other)

16. More time to notice the wildflowers I never noticed

17. More time to disavow myself of the media forever and find as many adherents as possible in this regard

18. More time for self-care

19. More time to reflect

20. A welcome pause in the capitalist destruction of the planet (this one wasn't my own:)

21. A deeper appreciation of what matters Please feel free to add to this list.

22. County Parks offer free parking and restroom use

23. Parky’s farm is free to visit

24. Less noise from Airplane’s

25. Less unnecessary money spent on weddings and social occasions

26. Less time spent traveling to everyone’s social event

27. Easy to do small acts of kindness like offering encouraging words to those more scared of these circumstances than myself

28. A real opportunity to envision and create your inner reality and see it blossom into your life and those around you (this takes time).

There are so many more examples of micro-shifts of ways to make micro changes in your life. I will like to share more with you next week.

There is much to offer in this strange and unique set of circumstances. Most likely, we will never experience a time so unique on a global level in the near future. I empathize with the terrible suffering people the world over have as I am sure you do as well. But the suffering does not preclude the incredible opportunities and gifts inherent in this period.

I challenge you to find one unique thing per day, special for today’s circumstances. In fact, I will add another one right here, right now so I can at least for one day, practice what I preach.

29. More time to Blog and fill the world with the wealth of my knowledge (please note- sharing my bad sense of humor will be tomorrow’s unique gift.)

Times are tough. Making them tougher than they already are does not do anyone good. Transmute this energy, this rare energy, into something really beautiful and lasting. It’s pretty painful out there but you don’t need to suffer. Find out how you can break free from negative stress and anxiety. Call now.

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