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President Trump’s Mood Regulation Tricks

*You may love him, you may hate him, but boy does he have some neat tricks!

Like him or not, when our President wants to maintain his mood and level of reactivity, he does it! Everyone noticed the difference between the final presidential debate and the first one. Everyone noticed that he improved his performance as far controlling his responses and overall demeanor.

No one noticed how he was able to maintain his demeanor throughout the debate. As I slowly went through the video of Trump during the second debate, I noticed many things which I didn’t notice during the first presidential debate which were simply overlooked by all the political pundits, commentators and journalists alike!

President Trump employed a myriad of mind-body techniques, calming mechanisms and even an ancient Indo-Chinese mudra in order to maintain control over his emotions and responses throughout the duration of the debate.

Author’s note: I started writing this piece, not realizing how it was going to actually take me hours longer than I thought it would. There are so many latent secrets in how Trump conducted himself differently that it will take me a long time to do this topic justice. Let’s give it a try!

It is wired into our mind-body apparatus that when we open or stretch our hands in the midst of a conversation, prayer or any activity for that matter it sends a calming signal to our brains. This is especially true when we space our fingers as well as stretching our hands.

Ancient prayer included both elements of an open mind and heart as expressed through hands held high, palms facing up and fingers outstretched. Such activities had the affect of relaxing the mind from pressing day to day concerns and connecting to one’s true interests and to G-d Almighty. Similarly, it lowered the sense of distraction and low level anxiety that permeates our lives throughout the day and instead rechanneled that energy to interests of greater concern.

Martial arts and street fighting experts have been pontificating for years on the importance of adopting a hands open approach, as a way of defusing a potentially volatile situation.

The above posture was assumed by President Trump and was used extensively throughout the debate (or whatever you want to call it :).

Watch this clip for some of the many moments during the interview where President Trump employed this ancient mechanism.

See 49:20-49:25, 51:56, 55:10,  58:03, 107:39, 107:49 

Notice how even when you are alone and you feel anxious, this mechanism can come in very handy to reduce anxiety, stress and intrapersonal tension. Best of all, as President Trump will say, it won’t cost the taxpayer any money!   

Stay tuned for President Trumps Tricks Part 2!

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