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President Trump’s Moody Tricks - Part II

Melech’s  Golden Rule of 3

*You may love him, you may hate him, but boy does he have some neat tricks!

Like him or not, when our President wants to maintain his mood and level of reactivity, he does it! Everyone noticed the difference between the final presidential debate and the first one. Everyone noticed that he improved his performance as far controlling his responses and overall demeanor.

No one noticed how he was able to maintain his demeanor throughout the debate. As I slowly went through the video of Trump during the second debate, I noticed many things which I didn’t notice during the first presidential debate which were simply overlooked by all the political pundits, commentators and journalists alike!

President Trump employed a myriad of mind-body techniques, calming mechanisms and even an ancient Indo-Chinese mudra in order to maintain control over his emotions and responses throughout the duration of the debate.

Author’s note: I started writing this piece, not realizing how it was going to actually take me hours longer than I thought it would. There are so many latent secrets in how Trump conducted himself differently that it will take me a long time to do this topic justice. Let’s give it a try!

Until the very end of the first hour of the debate, President Trump spoke slowly and deliberately. A slow but certain transformation started taking place at 59:30…President Trump starts to  fix his gaze (more about that another time), alters his posture, changes his facial features and increases his word count per second!

Especially during the moments of intense and heated debate, you can see how President Trump’s word per second count increased rapidly. Truth be told, this is an old one! Nachmanides the medieval religious philosopher, Medical Doctor and innovator  writes in a letter to his son, that deliberately speaking slowly is one of the ways to decrease frustration and  lower your sense of urgency and anger.

Visualize the next time you see a moment of a potential personal  mood spoiler coming up this week. Notice how you would naturally respond. Resolving to not get angry is almost as good as resolving not to think about your nose (guess what you’re thinking about) Resolve in that moment to talk slower and say no more than 3 words per second.

Now visualize yourself doing just that!

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