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Humorous ways to stop stress: Installment 1


Did you ever notice when Jim Carry gets upset or stressed or disappointed about something (it happens once or twice in his performances)?

Did you ever notice how he deals with it, or more importantly, how he DOESN’T deal with it?

Jim does not go off and meditate, breathe deeply, visualize, yoga, or go to therapy (though they are all good ideas).

Jim does not pout (quietly that is J) nor does he count backwards, nor does he remind himself how he is perfect while they are to blame.

You know what Jim does? He does exactly what the sages of old used to do! Except, he does it AT THAT MOMENT

I will bet you are wondering, what did the “sages of old” do when they were angry?

To paraphrase Maimonides, “anytime the sages of old would get angry (and were not in a position to release their anger in that moment on the source of their disturbance), they would proceed to a forested area and throw stones at the trees, until their anger would dissipate. The reason they went to such lengths to release their anger is because of the incredible danger and damage to your body brought about by holding onto your anger and not releasing it (physically).”

All Jim Carry does is he finds a way to release all that tension IN THE MOMENT, in a way which would be considered, well…less than conventional?

Case in point:

In the live and televised interview taking place between Conan O’ Brien and Jim Carry on 8/10/20, I noticed several examples of Jim Carrey using this secret at work.

Conan points out to Jim, “Hey Jim, you’re sweating!” Now as a Hollywood star, who thrives on mass media and crowd adulation, what could possibly be worse than hearing in front of all those admirers that you are nervous! This was a rather insidious accusation and a serious affront to the supposed invincibility of an acclaimed and well polished performing actor!

What did Jim Carry do? Certainly not what you would expect anyone else to do! He turned around and his back facing the crowd (okay, that was refining the facts somewhat), he began to vociferously wipe his brow on the couch he was sitting on just a moment ago! (

Then, immediately thereafter, Jim sits down on the couch and starts to vigorously shake his legs, suggesting of course, how utterly anxious and disposed to stress he feels in the moment! Of course, all this was down to the utter delight of the enthused audience. However, there is much more to this response than meets the eye….

Jim carry was nervous. Jim was sweating. Jim was further put on the spot and uncomfortably so, that he was unmistakably uncomfortable in front of this crowd in the current setting with questions being posed to him by Conan O’ Brien. What would you do in this situation, what would I do? Perhaps deny it, change the subject, belittle the sweat through suggestions such as “it’s hot in hear, the lighting etc.”

Jim is not one to let himself sit with the pain and embarrassment remaining in his body. Jim knows the secret of not letting pain, anger or frustration build up inside of you. Jim, immediately, physically released the pain in a way which dispelled the conflict in the moment to a point where it no longer hindered his performance. Jim, would not let Conan take the upper hand and turn into the receiving end of Conan’s need or desire to remain in the preferable position of the dynamic between them, on stage.

In other words, Jim Carrey was drawing upon the wisdom of the sages of old, through physically releasing the pain, by doing what the feelings of the body would like to do if it had its day. Instead of throwing rocks at the individual that frustrated them, the rocks are thrown and the feeling finds its affirmation and conclusion; albeit on an alternative source. Jim’s conflict and uncomfortability finds it’s logical, healthy and of course comical conclusion in the dramatization of how his feelings and his feelings alone, would present themselves, through physically letting his feelings have their day.

How could this approach help you? I would love to hear!

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