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Wicked….Wicked Therapy Humor

Conversations with the fear devil:

The Therapy and Humor Series Part IV

“We put the ‘Wicked’ into therapy”

In this episode we present “The secret to remaining in misery”

Some describe me as “the devil” others, “the satan,” and still, some call me “the angel of death.” Call me what you want but I thrive on the negative attention I am given. You see, ‘negative attention’ is still, well ‘attention’ and attention is a form of love!

I put the sin in single.

I grow when others give me what I do not naturally have myself, an identity. Though on the outside I am threatening, on the inside I am nothing but a pathetic maggot who looks for the vacuum in the minds of people. When I find that hole in the undeveloped mind, or the unfocused individual who leaves his mind open to the influence and impressionability to anyone who can do so, I get busy to work, making myself at home.

In order to stay miserable, I quickly enlarge the whole and underdeveloped place in the mind with “undisputed facts” and “statistics..”

The moment that happens, the human mind begins to imagine scary scenes and becomes yet more vulnerable to those across the world that willingly do my bidding….

Remember, “boring as hell,” is an expression I coined.

If I were to be ignored and divested of attention and especially undirected imagination (my absolute best friend), I would have to remain in hell.

Below is a “fact” that I would never want you to think about. I quote this from Napoleon Hill, one of my worst enemies!

“Physicians, as everyone knows, are less subject to attack by disease than ordinary laymen, for the reason that physicians DO NOT FEAR DISEASE. Physicians, without fear or hesitation, have been known to physically contact hundreds of people, daily, who were suffering from such contagious diseases as small-pox, without becoming infected. Their immunity against the disease consisted, largely, if not solely, in their absolute lack of FEAR.

It is so good that no one recognizes this reality.

After all, the main difference between myself and the government is that you can say “no” to me.

Now please don’t spread the word, but if you used the very same thoughts of fear of anything including pandemics, poverty and criticism and you flip those thoughts around by transmuting them into their diametric opposite, I am doomed forever. One of the ways to prevent my influence is by using your thought vibrations to build a virtual wall of protection around you. This wall can and will prevent you from any harm.

Please do not share this secret with anyone!

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